About MVB

I got my start in Screen Printing and Graphic Design in the late Eighties. I was enthralled with the very idea that I could make my own t-shirt designs and print them myself. Later in life, I worked for a very busy screen printing company. I learned a massive amount in those years, but had little time and even less of the capital required to make and sell my own designs.

Fast Forward 25+ years and things have blown wide open. New technology has allowed designers to enter the market more easily than ever before. That’s awesome, but the market has became flooded with products that just don't hold up. 

Fortunately, quality materials and  better printing practices are available. It’s more expensive and requires significantly more effort, but what’s a T-Shirt worth if you only get to wear it a couple of times?


About MVB Products

Each of our garments is produced using a printing method that provides excellent detail, vibrancy and durability. The additional labor is worth every penny when your favorite shirt stands the test of time. It would be pointless to put in this level of time and energy just to print on a cheap, low grade shirt so we torture tested countless shirts and found a product mix worthy of your hard earned cash.


About the Designs

Inspiration for our designs have come from various places. I’ve always had a skewed view of the world around me and a slightly dark sense of humor. I use a “By Any Means” approach to making T-Shirt designs. I’m not talented enough to be a snob about shortcuts. I will freely purchase stock images and use AI as a base to help put a concept together and finesse it in Photoshop and Illustrator using my handy pen display. The goal is simple. Make great looking shirts that make fun people smile (sometimes at the expense of some entirely unfunny folks).


About the Team

Camper - Me. I design the shirts, Tons of shirts. Some better than others. I don’t throw anything away. In the future, we may build sister sites for shirts that are just no good, lost their way or went off the rails to a point where I offended myself. In the future, we plan to feature the design work of some very talented friends. Illustration below by Katie Hawkins.

Jenn - My wife. She deals with me. She also helps to sort through the designs, advises on colors due to my partial color blindness, deals with the business management stuff that should keep me out of jail and everything else that slips through the cracks.

Brody - My eldest. Brody will assist with all in-house printing just as soon as we are able to secure a viable workspace (not any time soon). In the meantime, he is a ruthless T-Shirt critic and T-Shirt model.

Eoin - My youngest. Eoin has no definite plans to help outside of T-Shirt modeling, but he makes me laugh every day, still gives great hugs and loves getting MVB T-Shirts.

Connor - Canine. Stunningly handsome, sweet as hell and verging on intelligent (as far as dogs go).

Amy - Canine. The prettiest dog you’ll ever see. Also the most energetic, stubborn and destructive dog you’ll ever see.